Understanding Moneyline In Online Sports Betting
Online Sports Betting

If you’ve been in the sports betting world for a while, you’ll most likely have heard the term moneyline. After understanding the three types of odds in online sports betting, the next thing you should learn about is moneyline. Moneyline is something you can bet on. When you place a moneyline bet, you’re simply selecting the winner of the game outright. There are no hidden policies or contingencies. It’s straight forward.

Moneyline Betting Explained

The best way to understand moneyline is by considering an example. A typical example of moneyline betting in online sports betting will be clicking on the moneyline figure next to the team you believe will win before a football match between Chelsea and Arsenal. If you think Chelsea will win click on the moneyline figure next to Chelsea. Otherwise, click on the moneyline figure next to Arsenal. The moneyline numbers next to each team indicate the implied probability and determine the expected winnings depending on your wager.

Moneyline Figures Explained

In online sports betting, moneyline figures may have decimals or fractions. It typically depends on the targeted audience by your sportsbook. If you’re sportsbook uses American odds, you’ll see negative (-) and positive (+) signs. If the sportsbook you choose uses European standard, the moneyline may be represented in decimals or fractions. No matter what the format is, the goal is to bet on the winner of the game. You can’t bet on who will lose the game neither can you place a bet on both teams.

Moneyline options aren’t always available for every game. In some cases, the option might not be available on the sportsbook. The only options you’ll see are totals and spread bets. This typically happens in NFL betting. The sportsbook will offer moneyline betting option for NFL if the spread falls between three and ten points. In a situation where one team is an obvious favorite, and that team is listed at fourteen points and above, the sports book will most likely offer only total and spread bets. This is the standard in the industry. However, there is no rule that says all sportsbooks must do it. You can contact your sportsbook to find out if they have moneyline exceptions for specific games.

Online sports betting gives Nigerians the opportunity to make money out of their love for sports. If you’ve been making accurate game predictions in the past, online sports betting might be just what you need to make money out of something that comes to you naturally. However, keep in mind that betting is highly addictive. You need to bet responsibly to avoid becoming addicted. Compulsive gamblers often make irrational decisions that costs them more money than they make. Make informed decisions while betting and compare deals between sites to make the most of the betting experience. Never forget the importance of maintaining the balance.

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