Small Market Sports Vs Large Market Sports: Which Is The Best For Online Sports Betting?
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New bettors in Nigerian sports betting may not know that the online betting market is divided into two: large market sports and small market sports. Each market has advantages and disadvantages. Learning about them will help you make informed betting decisions. First off, large market sports are the most popular in the sports world. A typical example of a large market sports in Nigeria is football. The small market sports are not the less popular sports. An example of a small market sports in Nigeria is horse raising. While a large number of people in Nigeria participate in football betting, not many people know about horse raising.

Spotting The Difference Between Large Market And Small Market Sports

1. Different Betting Limits

As expected, the betting limit for large market sports is higher than that of small market sports. This is because popular sports have higher trading volumes. This is why it’s no surprise that sportsbooks pay more attention to betting lines of large market sports. A sportsbook might set the betting limit for a sport like football at $2000 while the betting limit for something like horse raising will be $500.

2. Larger Sports Have Tighter Lines

Sportsbooks don’t joke with the lines of big market sports because there is a lot of cash at stake and a high daily volume from this sector. Sportsbooks focus their handicapping efforts on these large market sports. They pay a closer attention to these sports and keep tighter lines. Smaller market sports present bettors with more opportunities.

Large Market Sports Vs Small Market Sports: Which Is Better?

The market you decide to explore depends on what you like. High-rollers who like to bet big will benefit from large market sports. The drawback is that you can lose big as easily as you can win big. There is also the wide range of available bets to pick from. On the plus side, you can choose from moneyline bets, straight bets, futures, halftime bets, teasers/pleasers, parlays, over/unders, among others. Having an edge over sportsbooks in big market sports betting is difficult because they always correct inefficiencies and mistakes making some betting tricks useless. This is why winning is always easier in small market sports.

Since sportsbooks don’t pay as much attention to small market sports and hardly adjust their odds, bettors can take advantage of certain loop holes or incorrect prices before they have an opportunity to change it. The betting lines will also be in your favor. However, small market sports may not interest you if you’re an old bettor that prefers large bets. Rookies see this as an advantage because it allows them to build their bankroll without the risk of losing a lot of money.

If you start betting on small market sports, make sure you place some bets on larger sports to avoid getting noticed by your sportsbook.

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