Protect Your Bankroll By Staying Away From Scam Handicappers With These Tips
Sports Betting

In those days, handicapping was a common and lucrative strategy in sports betting. Handicappers advertised theirs services during infomercials or by stapling their phone numbers on a flyer and attaching it to telephone poles. Thanks to the advent of social media, handicapping has been revolutionized. Social media offers handicappers greater reach allowing them to promote their business to the right audience. One of the most popular websites used by handicappers is Instagram. Handicapping can help you boost your bankroll but making a deal with the wrong handicapper can make you lose all your money.

Possible Signs That Your Potential Handicapper Is A Fraud

1. You Can’t Verify Their Win And Losses Records

If your handicapper is legitimate, it should be easy for you to get access to records of previous wins and losses. Everything should be available online. They should be able to lay claim to a winning percentage that is above average. Also, don’t be quick to believe in accounts that are focused on success alone. Failure is part of the job. Don’t be attracted to success from a limited sample size. These ones don’t have a strong body of bet work to display.

2. They Focus On Displaying An Extravagant Lifestyle

Legitimate handicappers don’t display an extravagant lifestyle. You should look out for profiles full of luxurious items like expensive watches, stacks of cash, strippers, etc. Your handicapper should be busy researching for the best picks possible and not displaying an extravagant life. While this may not always be the case, it’s highly unlikely that a hardworking handicapper will spend so much money made from handicappers on maintaining and displaying an extravagant lifestyle. Good sports handicappers try as much as possible not to draw the wrong attention to themselves on social media. This is because being too extravagant opens them up to scrutiny.

3. They Have Several Membership Tiers

The best handicappers don’t have different tiers of services that are only differentiated by price. The typical scammer will offer different membership options with one more expensive than the other. Keep in mind that some legitimate accounts offer different prices for longer subscriptions. For example, they may offer a 10 to 20% discount on a six-month long subscription. This is understandable. The scammers offer different picks for the same event at different prices. These handicappers do this to ensure that at least one out of the many picks falls into the above average percentage.

You know how the saying goes: if it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. When a handicapper makes unbelievable promises, you should run away. Don’t fall for handicappers who offer guaranteed picks because there is nothing like guaranteed picks in sports betting.

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