Identifying the top betting sites in Nigeria 2019
Bet9Ja Nigeria sports betting

One of the greatest challenges in sports betting is identifying the best sports betting websites in Nigeria. Even with your knowledge of forecasting, how to get good odds and sports betting. You still need to be able to identify a trusted sports betting company in Nigeria.

Your chances of winning sometimes depend on the football betting site you are placing a bet on.

Sports betting isn’t a new thing in the world of sports. sports betting has been in existence since the days of the Roman Empire.

On the other hand, online sports betting came into existence with the advent of the Internet giving people the opportunity to bet on football online.

Online Football betting is possible through football betting sites in Nigeria which allows users to place bets on different sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. This makes football betting easier, faster and more transparent. Some online sports betting sites also offer the opportunity to play live bet that is you can place a bet on a match while it is ongoing. This can be done through football betting sites that offer live betting.

Here are some of the top qualities of the best betting sites in Nigeria

  1. How long they have been in the Industry?
  2. Are they trusted, safe and genuine?
  3. How fast do they pay out?
  4. Are they registered and operating legally in Nigeria
  5. Is their website secured?
  6. Do they offer competitive odds?

Best Football Betting Sites In Nigeria


Bet9Ja Nigeria sports betting website is one of the oldest betting sites in Nigeria offering competitive odds, fast payouts, bonuses and discounts to prospective and old users.


Nairabet is a household name when it comes to online sports betting in Nigeria. Nairabet offers good odds, fast payout, their site is secured and they have been operational in Nigeria for a long time.


Surebets is also a trusted football betting sites in Nigeria offering 100% sign up bonuses and live games which enables you to place a bet while a game is ongoing.


Superbet is also one of the best sports betting sites in Nigeria that allows you to bet on varieties of sports and competitions. Superbet offers fantastic signup bonuses, live betting and casino

Netbet is also one of the many trusted sports betting website in Nigeria offering real value for your money in terms of odds offered, bonuses and special offers. The site is secured and it also allows mobile betting.

Sports betting has definitely come to stay giving sports lovers in Nigeria the ability to place bets on different sports and competitions around the world.

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